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A better way to get deals done

Live Video Leasing · Live Video Marketing · Live Video Collaboration

Meet is the only real estate platform that uses live video collaboration for better tenant decisions and faster deals.


No more email.


No more PDFs.


No more excess travel.


No more calendar pain.

Live Video Collaboration is Different
Places and Faces

Zoom was built for faces. was built for places.

People and building content together

One living interactive envrionment.

Connect in real time, anytime, from anywhere.

Brokers and Owners

Make it easy for tenants to choose your buildings!
Send us your flyer or brochure, and we’ll transform it into an interactive, lead-generating, decision-driving machine.

Tenants reps can add it to a survey with just a click.

Let your marketing investments work for you throughout the tenant's decision process.

Send us your best brochure
Tenant Reps

Provide tenants with the best tools possible

Advisors that align with tenant's interests are what tenant representation is all about. But advice should not just be about deal parameters and market knowledge.

Using with your tenant clients gives them the tools they need to convince themselves and, more importantly, the broader organization that they have made the right choice. Facts are documented, issues and resolutions are streamlined, building content and information are available on demand, and collaboration is built in at every step along the way.

If you need to stand apart and above the competition and offer your tenants the best possible experience, then was built for you.

Multifamily Sales Agents

Bring your entire portfolio to every showing

On-demand live video tours at anytime, from anywhere

All your building content at your fingertips

Cross sell and upsell instantly